Finding the right call center company to help grow your brand and connect with your customers doesn’t have to be painful. Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center company dedicated to perpetually enhancing and perfecting the call center experience for our clients. We provide a variety of inbound and outbound services from data collecting and lead generating to appointment setting and customer surveys. Our unique products and services run on the latest technology and are tailored for each client to fit their individual needs and help them build a strong and lasting relationship with their customers.

Kanekt 365 shines above our competitors because we understand that we only succeed when our clients succeed. That is why we promise to deliver outstanding services with reliability, integrity and the freedom to change what services are purchased based on each client’s needs. We strive to help our clients stay profitable and thriving in a tumultuous business world by providing them with customer relationship management services that increase their efficiency and organization without wasting precious time and money.

At Kanekt 365, customer service is not only our product, it’s our mission. We strive to always be the best so our clients can always provide their customers with services they can rely on, no matter how extensive their needs. This means that our clients have access to the most cutting-edge call center technology and programs on the market at consistently competitive prices. Our 24-hour support services ensure that both our clients and their customers are able to get help at any time through multiple communication channels including social media and live chatting, in any language and on almost any scale.

Kanekt 365 is dedicated to security, quality, customer satisfaction and brand protection. Contact us today and learn how our personalized services can help your business reach its full potential by building lasting and valued connections with your customer base.


Your Brand + Your Client = Our Priority


 With our commitment to excellence, flexibility, and integrity, we aim to Protect the brand names of our valued clients through outstanding service and by doing so, expand their business to ensure growth and profitability.


We will deliver the best in class call center services, creating the ultimate customer experience, Through our network of call center partners.


To Build Customer Trust and Value by Providing A Quality Experience The
First Time, Every Time. 


By doing so; we are able to provide our clients with quality customer relationship management services, designed to answer the corporate needs for organizational efficiency, productivity, growth and profitability.



To deliver real value and solutions – giving our clients a true competitive edge, anytime, anywhere, in any language

Value Proposition

Many companies are missing out on building valuable customer relationships because they aren’t able to reach out to potential customers directly. For these companies, one of the most beneficial reasons to work with a call center is that they can provide useful tools and programs that are able to reach this untapped pool of potential. Call centers act as a gateway between companies and customers by contacting qualified leads on behalf of our clients to connect them with customers we believe are the most likely to become consistent business for their companies.

Kanekt 365 is a full-service call center dedicated to creating a customer experience like no other for both our clients and their callers. We help our clients reach new heights by discovering new marketing opportunities, qualifying callers to find the most promising leads and following those leads to provide the type of customer service that makes repeat customers out of first-time callers.

Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service with each call we process, finding solutions and making connections on the first call, every call. We are driven by building customer trust and helping our clients become more organized, productive and profitable than they ever imagined. We achieve this by giving them a competitive edge in their markets with proven customer relationship management services that build lasting connections between them and their target audience.

We are the most effective full-service call center for companies looking to expand their customer base. Our range of both inbound and outbound services puts us well above the competition. Some of the most exciting services we provide are:


-    Lead generation and qualification

-    Multi-Channel Support

-    Tiered Technical Support

-    Surveys and feedback


Our services are tailored to meet each client’s needs and our representatives are well-trained to help them reach their target audience and increase their sales. For companies looking to enjoy new customer relationships built from quality leads, our call center is available 24 hours a day, across multiple channels and in multiple languages to ensure no call is ever missed.

With Kanekt 365, our clients can rest easy knowing that their information and the information their customers share is always safe and protected. We run our call center on the most cutting-edge technology from our rigorous security protocols to our secure information storage programs. Each of our representatives receives the highest quality training in their department so that callers and clients have an efficient and enjoyable experience every time they call.