Businesses that would like to save time and money can quickly achieve these goals through outsourcing some or all of their call center services. Kanekt 365 customizes campaigns using a highly skilled, results-orientated team along with cutting-edge technology to deliver the results a business campai...

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The pizza industry is highly competitive. One problem many Pizzarias have, is a lack of focus on phone sales and increasing their average sales ticket. Kanekt 365 changes that dynamic with a service that provides skilled call center sales reps.
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Jeffrey Morin believes that a company’s success can be measured and improved by its productivity —and he and his team want to help business owners become more productive by learning from those who specialize in it.

"There are steps companies can take internally with their workforce and processes...

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Who doesn’t want to build their brand, generate leads, and effectively cut costs while they grow their business? Sounds like a juggling act.But the authors of a new book entitled, “5 Ways to Increase Productivity in the Workplace: Achieving Extraordinary Productivity” say it d...

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 24/7/365 Service Your website and phone work 24 hours a day, so can your business! Call centers can handle calls 24 hours a day or just the times you are closed

 Multi-Channel Support – Phone, Email, Social Media, Text, Live Chat Support 

Multi Language Since your website is seen all ...

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