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Kanekt 365 the Leading Call Center for the Pizza Industry Provides Extra Value to Restaurants as they Adjust to Covid-19 Realities
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Stay ahead of your rivals in pizza industries with 4 easy steps
Stay ahead of your rivals in pizza industries with 4 easy steps
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New Kanekt 365 Call Center Program for Pizza Industry to Roll Out at International Pizza Expo

With minimum wage on the rise, Kanekt 365 has create a Call Center solution designed to drastically Reduce Labor Costs, while also Increasing the Average Ticket. This exciting new program will be introduced at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas March 31st through April 2nd.

The International P...

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Kanekt 365 provides the best call center services forĀ  restaurant and pizza industry

The Pizza industry and restaurant in the world has a wide choice of call centers offering & order taking services. Finding providers having better facilities to make sure that they give good quality service. Such service involves answering calls for order taking of restaurant...

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Kanekt 365 call center provides An Order Taking Answering Service And call center services & support for pizza Industry


Kanekt 365 call center provides quality services & support to customers for the pizza industry. Kanekt 365 call center for the pizza industry is designed with modern call center technology to handle calls and meet the communication needs of the customers. We are offering many service...

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