Kanekt 365 Call Centers: Unrivaled service options, Unbeatable customer experience

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Kanekt 365 Offers Customer Service Coverage for Growing Insurance Agencies

Insurance is a profitable business for agencies that can keep up with the latest market trends and service options. Kanekt 365 has built our company by helping our partners reach their full potential, regardless of the type of insurance products they offer. We are dedicated to providing agencies with the tools and programs they need to stay ahead of the competition and provide unforgettable service experiences for every customer.

What Sets Kanekt 365 Apart?

●  Lower Costs: Our clients never have to sacrifice quality to save money. Kanekt 365 call center professionals are highly trained, qualified and passionate about providing exceptional customer service at competitive prices.

●  Scalability: From start-ups ready to go national to international companies ready to globalize, our representatives will customize each service to meet demands as business grows and reduces for each company we partner with.

●  Cutting Edge Technology: From top of the line phone systems to multi-channel support options, our partners are benefiting from our services and becoming leaders in their industries. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the most advanced hardware and programs your company always has an edge over the competition.

●  Individualized Support:Don’t get billed for services your company doesn’t need. At Kanekt 365, we appreciate that every company is unique. That’s why our representatives are trained to create customized services packages based on each client’s individual needs.


Break Your Barriers, Not Your Budget with Kanekt 365 Call Center Services

  Live Chat Support: Build customer loyalty by providing instant and exceptional customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  Lead Generation:Our customer service team filters qualified leads from empty ones and directly respond to potential customers brought in through commercials, print ads and      radio promotions

  Appointment Setting: Improve your agency’s efficiency by keeping your client visits, meetings and consultations organized. Our representatives will take appointments and           send out reminders so no potential customer is ever overlooked

  Tele-Sales: Our licensed insurance agents will follow up on qualified leads to contact new customers and assist existing customers with purchasing products and services over        the phone and online

  Handling Claims:Trained representatives are available around the clock to process claims, resolve issues and provide information for new and existing customers

Experienced Insurance customer service on your brand

Insurance customers always have a good expectation when they want for help. Often, they need quick service and support during off-hours. They provide critical problems for insurance companies, but those problems that Kanekt 365 can solve with their advanced call center solutions.

Kanekt 365 guarantees that when a customer dials a number or reaches out, a customer service agent will represent your company perfectly. Knowledgeable agents work on successfully promoting your Insurance Company’s fame & identity and providing a timely service that makes you a successful leader in your insurance industry.

Our automated processes, modern call center technology and skilled agent direct your customers to the right fit all the time, promoting customer satisfaction. Moreover, our callback facilities provide better service that works around your company's capacity. Your insurance company needs not to think about dropped calls, inadequate customer service. Our call center agents are well trained, hired, and managed as if they worked part of your company. We keep business running from the best representatives of different countries

We base our understanding of the insurance industry and its sales and service goals on many years of experience. We have managed timely relationships with our customers and are regularly trying to upgrade our services and enhancing our industry knowledge.

Fully licensed insurance call center!

Any Insurance company can be greatly benefited utilizing call centers to help with their customer service and telesales. Insurance call centers promote their well experienced and licensed agents to sell your policies such as life health insurance, automotive insurance, insurance and more! Moreover, call center agents handle inbound calls to help your company with claims, policy inquiries, lead qualification and customer support for warranty and many more. Insurance call centers are reliable and flexible to meet your specific company and policy needs can provide 24/7 service no matter where you’re in the United States or other countries. Our insurance call center partners use the best training method that guarantees better customer

Take advantage of our amazing to make your job easier.

·  24/7 customer service

·  Cross-sell and Up-sell suggestions

·  Good Customer relationship management services

·  Complaints inquiries

·  Custom platform handle complex requests

·  Multiple language support

·  Experience in various insurance specialties