Call Center Services for the Pizza Industry

Competition in the Pizza Industry is Fierce!


With so many restaurants to choose from, providing a consistent and dependable customer service experience, is vital for continued success and growth in the Pizza Industry. 

Quality Customer Service is extremely difficult to come by in the Pizza Industry. If your phone lines are busy or your employees do not provide an amazing customer experience, your customers will Call your Competition, Decreasing your sales. 

In addition; with Minimum Wage Increasing and Employee Turnover Greater than 100%... It is impossible to find good help and even harder to keep them.  You are constantly Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Managing an ever-changing staff.

Stop the Insanity!!!  We reduce the amount of time that you have to recruit, hire, train and manage dependable front-end staff.  But best of all… You never have to worry about missing an order, we guarantee that every call will be answered in a timely and professional manner.

The Upsell


Our call Agents are trained to upsell on every single phone call – Increasing your daily sales!Your calls are taken in a professional office setting by friendly call center agents, using a consistent call script.  By upselling on 100% of the calls, you can increase sales dramatically.  In fact, the upsells will more than pay for our service and provide your customers with the level of service they deserve and expect.



Easy as 1-2-3


Phone call is forwarded to our Professional Call agents and handled in a Friendly and polite Manner every time!


 Call Agent Takes Order, Confirms Order and tries to upsell on every single order!


Call Agents enters the order into your Online Ordering System or POS System  Order then prints in your kitchen


Order is Delivered by Your Delivery People

Featured In the Press

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Increased Sales!

Upselling Perfected 

  • Our Professional Call Agents are Trained to Upsell on Every Call
  • Instant ROI – Our Program Actually Pays for Itself

Increase Productivity 

Never Take Another Phone Call Again

  • Decrease Headaches and Constant Interruptions from Phone Calls
  • Orders Processed Through Your Website & Printed In Your Kitchen 
  • Your Employees Focus on Putting Out a Superior Product, Fast, Every Time

 Improved Customer Satisfaction 

Calls Taken in a Professional Office Setting 

  • Dependable and Consistent Customer Experience on Every Call
  • Call Agents Closely Supervised and Incentivized to Increase Sales

Reduce Employee Turnover 

 Less Stressed Employees = Happier Workplace = More Efficient Workplace

  • Reduce Time Spent on Recruiting, Hiring, Training and Managing Front End Staff – We do it all – No Additional Costs! 
  • Decrease Labor Cost – in some cases reduce payroll altogether



Calls Per

Calls Per


Under 100

Call Agents
+ Overflow

1 - 149
150 - 249
250 - 349
350 - 449
450 - 549
550 - 699


100 - 250

Call Agents
+ Overflow

700 - 849
850 - 999
1000 - 1149
1150 - 1299
1300 - 1449
1450 - 1599
1600 - 1749


250 +

6 Agents
+ Overflow

1750 - 1899
1900 - 2049
2050 - 2199
2200 - 2349
2350 - 2499
2500 - 2649


Price Includes

• Team of Professional Call Agents
• No Additional Costs
• No Set Up Fees
• Recruiting, Hiring and Training Included
• Management & Quality Assurance Included
• All Calls Recorded
•Weekly Reports Available Through Client Portal to
• Only Billed for Calls That Request a New Order*
• IVR-—included if desired
Example of 699 Calls Per Week
3 Dedicated Agents
Plus Unlimited Overflow
No Miss calls
$630 Per Week

By The Hour
Only $2.50
Based on 3 Dedicated Call Agents & Overflow
Cheapest Employee Ever!

By The Minute
Only 30¢ per minute
Based on 3 Minute Average Call

By The Call
Only 90¢ Per Call
Only Charged for Orders*

Our Program Pays For Itself
Labor Savings 45 hours = $500
Average of 30 Missed calls Per Week = $750
UpSell $1.40 Per Ticket = $978.6
Total of $2,228.60 Minus Our Cost $630 = $1,598.60

Additional Bonuses of Our Service
Make Time Decrease on average of 40 Seconds
Happy Employees = Less Turnover
Better Customer Service = Repeat Business

* Any Calls Requesting a New Order
** Prices Subject to Change


An Order taking Answering Services And Pizza Call Center Services

Kanekt 365 call center provides qualityservices & support to customers for the pizza industry.Kanekt 365 call center for the pizza industry is designed with modern call center technology to handle calls and meet the communication needs of the customers. We are offering many services to businesses making their operation much easier. Inbound call service is one of those and any company needs to invest in it. The answering service for the pizza industry is mostly used in answering phone calls and taking messages & orders delivery. Many customers and callers feel uncomfortable speaking to an automated machine. Another feature included in the answering services for the pizza call center is live chat support. Most customers are visiting the website of handling live support for customer’s pizza call center service.

Automated Order Taking & Delivery For the Pizza Industry

An answering service is also ideal for taking orders for pizza to be delivered to your home. Customers can contact directly to agents who are responsible for processing your order for pizza delivery. Ordering online would take a shorter time as compared to speaking directly to a person The Answering service allows you to provide your specific order. An answering service or pizza call center easily monitor the sales for the pizza industry. The answering service serves as a hub for technical support. Representatives from the call center service provider are well-trained to fulfill your business requirements. They can help customers even out of the regular operating hours for your pizza call center service or pizza answering service or order-taking pizza service.


Order taking service imveproves customer relationships

Kanekt 365 call center services in pizza  delivery are the benefits of a pizza answering service. They like hiring a call center service agent to do the order taking services in Pizza Industry. It minimizes the tasks of the managers and the waiters and needs not to bother about the customers calling in for orders – instead, they could be more be productive and successful in doing other things.

The truth is that if your customers increase in a good number, it would be difficult to receive calls and it would disappoint the customers. That is why to manage customer orders and ensure quality service, it is best to use order taking services. Choose a provider whose representatives can render the job efficiently and professionally. This way, customers will feel well-taken care of and valued.Hiring call center representatives for call center answering services gives customers more flexible options in the pizza industry. At the same time, businesses can also expand their offerings. They can also offer variations of products and services. It is the best way of enhancing customer relations by organizing the processes of order taking and handling calls from customers


The benefits of order taking answering services in the pizza industry

Call center service in the pizza industry is one of the main factors in how a business can become successful. To make customers satisfied and stay ahead of the competitors, it is vital to make sure that the order taking process is being done efficiently and professionally. By getting such services, the overhead costs are reduced. The restaurant Choosing the perfect call center for the pizza industry order taking service to provide the support and services, the business can enjoy the benefits.Constant availability Hiring staff to handle the support line 24/7 needs a good amount of financial resources. Most customers are placing orders anytime– or even late at night. It is needed to take advantage of Kanekt 365 for call center services for the pizza industry.

A reduced overhead

The in-house staff could not guarantee to take all the calls and orders for your restaurant and pizza especially if they come all at a time. This would mean a loss of your business sales and reduce revenue. To reduce the overhead cost and promote customer service in the pizza industry.

Proficient and experienced support. Hiring experienced and professional representatives can exceed your expectations. There are a lot of call centers in the restaurant and pizza industry and it is not difficult to find skilled workers who can do the job effectively. Taking orders for delivery is not the same as taking messages. It requires much product knowledge, skills, and efficiency. It’s important to get the right details from customers and also important to provide the most needed details to customers. Otherwise, giving an unpleasant answering service would mean loss of opportunities and the good reputation of the company,Money, customers, 

Look for options online.  There are so many call centers in the world providing order taking services. You can visit their to know more about the services and you can get through live support. You should not think about any call charges because they usually offer a toll-free number. However, before getting answering services, make sure you know the terms and conditions with other important details.To avoid the inconvenience, the best thing to do is to outsource order taking services to a third party like Kanekt 365 call center services. This firm offers inbound and outbound call center services for the restaurant industry and the pizza industry and pizza order taking delivery. The cost of outsourcing such service is expensive, it is going to be cheaper in the long run. We make sure all incoming calls are properly handled and answered.